BOOM Microfinance

BOOM Microfinance is a financial company that is registered to provide financial solutions to unbanked and underbanked communities in rural, rural towns and urban areas of Tanzania. The company provides financial solutions through access to finance and credit readiness where small and micro business owners are the target of this company. The company also provides other services such as training on how to generate business ideas, How to start business and how to improve businesses and help  the businesses of our clients graduate from micro to small and small to medium levels. The company provides the following services;

  1.  CHAKALIKA PRODUCT: This product is mainly for clients with micro businesses, clients who wants to start businesses but lack startup capital. This product contract ends in one month.
  2. JIKWAMUE PRODUCT: This product targets micro and small business owners except those with no businesses. For a client to qualify to this product must be a micro or small business owners. Contract under product is up to six months.
  3. JIENDELEZE PRODUCT: This product targets small business owners who are graduating to medium level business owners. Contract under this product is up to nine months.
  4. SALARIED PRODUCT: This product is for public servants only. It is only for clients employed in the public sector.

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