Malema Foundation Tanzania is a public Interest organization established to create responsible solution to communities to poverty facing communities in rural and urban areas of Tanzania by unleashing their highest potentials.

Our Vision

To have a well-developed Tanzanian Communities with better welfare.

Our Mission

To contribute to National development by facilitating socio-economic development of marginalized grassroot communities through unleashing their highest potentials for a better welfare and living standards.

Our Services

Socio-economic Empowerment

The organization provides various trainings that focus at improving the wellbeing of women, children and youth in Tanzania.

This is achieved through awareness raising on the promotion of community socio-economic initiatives that aim at increasing the wellbeing and living standard of communities in rural and urban areas. Provision of support to Primary and Secondary Education, Youth and Women self-realization, Economic rights Empowerment, Enterprises development, Entrepreneurship and Business training, business formalization and access to finance and credit readiness as well as Promotion of Community Philanthropic spirit.

Mitigation and Adaptation to Climate Change

Promote Climate Smart Agriculture and climate resilient mechanisms to communities in rural and urban areas of Tanzania. Training and awareness creation on Climate Smart Agriculture, Climate change mitigation, Climate resilient crops, Environmental conservation as well as Youth and Women Agricultural groups formation and formalization, Training on Modern farming methods, assist in linking rural youth and women farmers to urban markets, Provision of inputs for farmers and training on modern livestock keeping in rural and urban areas of Tanzania.

Malema Wealth Fund

On promoting economic empowerment to Women and Youth the Organization will be providing funds to help women and Youth start business ventures for those not in business and improve their businesses for those with micro and small business ventures. There are two types of seed grants offered to women and youth mainly being Chakalika Grants and Jikwamue Grants. Women and Youth who have the spirit to run and manage their own micro and small business ventures in rural and urban areas are the target beneficiaries of this initiative to help them graduate to a Medium stage.