Our Focus

Women and Youth Empowerment/Livelihood Improvement

  • Awareness creation on women and youth economic empowerment, education and Legal issues.
  • Provision of training on the rights of spouses.
  • Awareness creation on the rights of ownership occupancy.
  • Provision of awareness and training on Gender based violence (such as fight of Female Genital Mutilation and any other violence).
  • Provision of training on how to generate business ideas.
  • Provision of training on how to START businesses.
  • Provision of training on how to improve businesses.
  • Provision of training and facilitation on access to finance and credit readiness.
  • Provision of facilitation on how to access seed grants for starting and improving their business ventures.
  • Provision of training on efficiency customer experience and care to identified beneficiaries.

Climate Smart Agriculture.

  • Provision of training on environmental conservation.
  • Provision of training on the mitigation of climate change effects.
  • Enhancing the use of climate smart agriculture guidelines and practices to communities.
  • Provision of modern animal husbandly and farming such as Horticultural practices as an alternative to climate change effects mitigation.
  • Establishment of tree plantations as a best option for curbing effects of climate change.

Child Rights Protection.

  • Provision of training and capacity building to issues related to children rights and protection.
  • Provision of educational support to children.
  • Provision of financial, moral and material support to Marginalized children.
  • Establishment of Children support clubs and centers for provision of various empowerment trainings.